Math Tutor Grades 6-12

Hey! I’m Keanu, founder of TPT. As an experienced teacher and tutor, I believe in taking a holistic approach to tutoring in order to facilitate the development of a Growth Mindset, as the only constant each year is the student themselves. This means teaching students to love and be efficient in their learning by helping them to master essential skills, as well as, develop their mathematical intuition to create a foundation from which they can build upon. My unwavering belief that all students have the potential to be successful leaves no student behind. Aside from teaching, my other passions include playing sports (especially soccer, volleyball and rugby) and board games!



Math Tutor Grades 6-12

Hi, my name is Shalini (pronounced Shall-en-knee) but you can call me Shal! I am an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in high school mathematics and I love helping my students love math (No, really. It’s true). I believe in taking a student-centered approach and personally tailoring lessons to best meet the needs of each individual student as I believe this is crucial in achieving academic success. When I’m not teaching, I love using graphic design as a creative outlet. I have learned how to incorporate math into my passion for art by using geometric properties and concepts to express my personal style through the artwork. This real world application fostered my love for math and I endeavour to do the same for my students!



Math Tutor Grades 6-12 | Physics 11-12

Hello! My name is Josh and I am an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in Mathematics, Physics, and Science. I believe that the most successful teaching approach is one that centres the student and their needs in a positive and encouraging environment. I also firmly believe in the capacity of my students—that anyone can make and successfully meet their learning goals. Some of my goals as an educator are to assist students with their confidence, help develop inquiry-based skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, and encourage students to "think-about-thinking" to help instill a growth mindset. I also encourage thinking about problems in different ways and tackling them from different angles. There is great beauty and creativity in mathematics and the sciences, and I aspire for the students I teach to feel the same way too. Outside of teaching, I greatly enjoy reading, being outdoors and taking long walks, cooking, and more recently I've taken up chess. I love to support the students I teach to reach their goals!



Math Tutor Grades 6-11

My name is Ravneet Sidhu, and I am an OCT certified teacher with expertise in Intermediate/Senior Mathematics and Social Sciences. I completed my Bachelor of Arts Honours in Mathematics for Education at York University, where I also completed the teacher education program and earned a Bachelor of Education in 2020. I am currently teaching senior math at the Peel District School Board. 
I am a firm believer in three core aspects of teaching: growth mindset, experiential learning, and reality pedagogy, which I have successfully implemented in the classroom in the Upper Grand District School Board and the Peel District School Board. I believe promoting equity and embracing individual differences is important in creating a safe and comfortable learning environment for students. One key thing I have learned throughout my wide array of teaching opportunities is that students are as engaged as the educator. If the teacher is willing to immerse themselves in preparing and conducting a comprehensive lesson, while also maintaining an equitable & growth-oriented atmosphere, students will be equally as excited to learn within it.

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Math Tutor Grades 1-10

Hello, my name is Wendy. I am a Certified Teacher with qualifications in mathematics and have earned both my teaching degree and my Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Special Education at Simon Fraser University. I have experience working with a wide range of students, including those with math learning disabilities. I believe that everyone can learn and excel in math with proper guidance. In order to encourage student learning, I help students understand and apply mathematics to their real lives and future. Building numeracy skills in my students is important to me. I strive to empower all children and youth to recognize their unique strengths and develop the tools to achieve lifelong confidence and success. When I am free, I enjoy spending time with my dogs and family and playing the ukulele. I look forward to meeting your child and supporting them to become active learners.



Math Tutor Grades 6-12

Hi! My name is Pankhuri. I am an Ontario Certified Teacher in Mathematics and General Science. I have been awarded 3 gold medals during my Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science for excellence in Mathematics but my greatest award has always been the feeling of satisfaction when I am able to reach my students and being able to fulfill their learnning needs. I believe that in teaching, keeping things simple and not being monotonous really helps. As a teacher I like to build a routine, include lots of activities, incorporate differentiated instruction and use student feedback. My lessons are very flexible, and they completely depend on the student and their learning needs. 

When I am not teaching, I like to spend time with my family, watch movies or tv shows and do cooking. I am a creative person, so I have a lot of affinity for dance, music, and art. I am also a nature lover.

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Math | English Tutor Grades 1-8

My name is Melina Sartzetakis, and I am a recent graduate of the Master of Teaching Program at the University of Toronto (OISE). I am a dedicated and hardworking individual with a positive attitude. My hobbies include dancing, spending time outdoors such as hiking, and cooking traditional Greek dishes with my family. 

As a graduate of the Early Childhood Studies program at Ryerson University, I have experience in many childcare settings and family resource centers. Dancing competitively growing up and teaching young dancers has also inspired me to pursue my passion of teaching. An integral part of my teaching philosophy is cultivating a student-driven and inquiry-based approach, while ensuring students have the necessary tools to succeed as I encourage their natural interests to drive their learning. I believe that each student has the potential of being successful and it is up to teachers to ensure they receive ample opportunity through differentiated instruction to reach their maximum potential. It is crucial to encourage students for their efforts rather than their natural abilities to instill a growth mindset, which helps students overcome challenges, gain intrinsic motivation, and take pride in all of their achievements. I aspire to equip my students with the knowledge, social skills, and self-confidence they need to thrive in the classroom, as well as develop the love for learning in every student I teach.



English Tutor Grades 1-12

Hello all! My name is Corrinne and I am a passion-driven teacher who is a firm believer in approaching your learning through your unique interests. Since 2004, I’ve been a teacher with the Peel District School Board where I have taught subjects ranging from Language to Music across grades 6-8. I have also taught at the University of Toronto and at the Living Arts Centre. In 2016, my interests culminated in a PhD in Art History and Word & Music Studies. The following year, I joined the Curatorial department at the Art Gallery of Ontario. As a language teacher, I excel in teaching students how to write effectively, to read critically, and to probe deeply.  If you have an appreciation for the arts and language (and a tolerance for cheesy humour), you would thrive under my tutelage.

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French | English Tutor Grades 1-12

Hi! My name is Patricia, and I'm an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in French, English, and Special Education. I am a high school teacher with experience teaching various subjects in Grades 6 to 12. Tutoring encompasses my favourite parts of teaching: one-on-one support, tailored programming to meet students' identities, intersectionalities and interests, and building relationships that motivate students to learn! I believe that all students can learn and success looks different for every student. My goal is to help my students find their success by helping equip them with tools, strategies, and the excitement to demonstrate their learning. When not teaching, one can find me by the lake, on hikes, watching football or trying out the newest restaurants in the city!



French | English Tutor Grades 1-12

Hi. My name is Chantal Daly. I am a qualified French teacher with 18 years of experience teaching in various grades. I am also a qualified Resource Teacher with a Post-Bachelor in Inclusive Special Education. I enjoy helping students of all ages to learn to read, write and speak in both French and English. I believe that all students can learn and that it’s my job as a teacher to discover which teaching strategies work best for them. I also believe that education should be fun. I always design my lessons to reflect the interests of my students as their motivation is key to their academic success. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time at my cabin with my kids. I like to go fishing and I really enjoy sitting around a campfire while admiring the star-lit sky.

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French Tutor Grades 7-12

Bonjour mes amis! I have been teaching and tutoring French since I completed my Faculty of Education and French Studies Degrees from the University of Windsor. I had an amazing experience as a French Immersion student in Peel, which motivated me to begin a career as a French Immersion teacher, with my goal to create an enriching and creative learning experience, similar to the one I was most fortunate to have. I began my teaching career in Peel and am now a secondary school teacher for the Halton District School Board. I believe that learning and acquiring another language is a beneficial opportunity for students to broaden their cultural understanding of the world. I encourage taking risks and making mistakes when learning a language, as it is the best way to learn and develop confidence. With some patience, a growth mindset, and encouragement, I know my students can do anything they want, especially when learning French. 

Along with teaching French and Canadian and World Studies, I am a volleyball coach and enjoy travelling on service trips with my school and for personal leisure. My knowledge of languages has opened many doors for me, especially the opportunity to enjoy my travels in a more authentic way. I hope my students have the opportunity to find joy for the language not only in the classroom but also in the real world.

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Science Tutor Grades 6-10 | Biology 11-12

Bonjour, my name is Melissa. I completed both my teaching and biology degrees at Queen’s University, where I also played varsity soccer and won two National Championships! I love travelling the world and trying new things, so I started my career teaching in England before coming back home to teach at elementary and high schools. As a tutor, I aim to enable students to think analytically and problem solve, always under a supportive and friendly environment. Outside of teaching, I enjoy playing board games, staying active and cooking. I look forward to supporting you on your academic journey!



Science Tutor Grades 9-10 | Chemistry 11-12

Hello, my name is Rhea! I am a high school teacher and have earned both my Chemistry and teaching degree at Queen’s University. I teach senior Chemistry (including Pre-AP and AP) and general science. As a tutor, I believe that authentic and student-focused learning are important to success. I strive to help students improve their critical thinking skills and confidence in the subject area, in a positive and supportive manner. When I’m not in the classroom, I enjoy being outdoors, learning new things, travelling, creating art and reading. I look forward to supporting your child on their academic journey!

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Physics Tutor Grades 11-12 | Math 1-12

Hi, my name is Alexander but you can call me Alex. I am an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in mathematics, science, and physics. My goal as a teacher is to develop life-long learners through the acquisition of transferable skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving to ensure their future success. As changing career trends occur life-long learners are able to adapt by leveraging transferable skills to apply them within new settings for future success. As a teacher I also believe in taking a student-centered and collaborative approach which comes out in my teaching as a series of questions to activate student learning. This realizes my goal as students activate life-long learning skills which allows them to learn concepts more deeply as they actively learn.

When I am not teaching, I frequently enjoy watching math videos that explain concepts visually or through an alternative viewpoint. I also enjoy playing video games and learning how they are developed!