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Our Tutors: Team Members


Math Tutor Grades 6-12

Hey! I’m Keanu, founder of TPT. As an experienced teacher and tutor, I believe in taking a holistic approach to tutoring in order to facilitate the development of a Growth Mindset, as the only constant each year is the student themselves. This means teaching students to love and be efficient in their learning by helping them to master essential skills, as well as, develop their mathematical intuition to create a foundation from which they can build upon. My unwavering belief that all students have the potential to be successful leaves no student behind. Aside from teaching, my other passions include playing sports (especially soccer, volleyball and rugby) and board games!



Math Tutor Grades 6-12 | Chemistry 11-12

Hi! My name is Christine and I am an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in Intermediate/Senior Chemistry and Mathematics. I am a firm believer that all students are unique and bring with them individual skills and experiences no one else can replicate. As an educator, I am devoted to creating spaces where students are not afraid to make mistakes and can use their unique strengths and interests to anchor further growth and learning. My goal is to motivate students through tangible moments of success and student-centered inquiry whilst equipping  students with the right tools to communicate their learning. Apart from teaching, some things I enjoy are film photography, cooking, and playing piano and guitar!



Math Tutor Grades 6-12 | Chemistry 11-12

Hi! My name is Cathy and I am an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in Intermediate-Senior Mathematics, Science, and Chemistry. I have taught High School Math, Science, Chemistry, and Physics for both the Toronto and Thames Valley District School Boards and I have been working as an Online Tutor since 2011. I believe that every student learns most effectively when they are taught in a safe environment using the theory of constructivism, which involves linking new skills and ideas to our prior knowledge. To learn anything new, we benefit from directly interacting with the ideas and being guided in a positive environment using methods tailored to our learning needs. I spend a lot of time listening to my students so I can provide the type of guidance that will ensure their success. I enjoy inspiring my students to explore Math and Science and all of its applications, and helping them to believe in their capacity to learn. 

Outside of teaching, I enjoy reading a good novel, hiking in the beautiful parks and conservation areas in and around Southwestern Ontario, and gardening in the spring and summer months.



Math Tutor Grades 6-10

Hi! I'm Mellenda, an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in Intermediate/Senior Mathematics. I am an experienced educator who has a passion for positively impacting our youths. With each teachable moment I motivate students to achieve their set goals and to lessen their fear for Mathematics.

I am a jovial, honest, fun loving and respectful individual. In my delivery of mathematical concepts I use real-life situations that students can relate to. I am cognizant of the fact that students learn differently and perform at different levels. Hence, my approach to each student is individualized, so they can perform at their best.

Along with teaching, I enjoy playing netball and basketball, watching track and field and movies.



Math Tutor Grades 6-12

Hey! My name is Shikha Gupta, and I am OCT certified. My specialization includes providing tutoring in Mathematics to intermediate and senior students. I am professional, kind, and reliable. My sessions are student-focused, organized, and curriculum-based. I work with Ontario Boards as a teacher and also do content development and have worked for educational
organizations like Pearson and Tata Interactive Systems to prepare

mathematics content. I am highly familiar with the different teaching
approaches given the unique learning needs of my students.

Neetu Saini_Photo.jfif


Math Tutor Grades 6-10

Hello! My name is Neetu and I am an Ontario Certified Teacher
with Senior and Intermediate qualifications in Mathematics,
Physics, and Science. I have had the privilege of teaching in different
schools across India, UAE and Canada. I give my students
more than one way to interact with the material to understand
and practice Mathematics. I plan my lessons to encourage
success by creating an environment which is personalized to
students’ needs and their lived experiences. I help my students
with time-management and organization and to become
responsible learners. Outside of teaching, I enjoy reading, cooking, and listening music.

S. Adamson.jpeg


English Tutor Grades 1-12

Hello! My name is Shae Adamson, I am an OCT certified teacher who is qualified to teach English, Geography and Special Education. This year, I am embarking on my Master of Arts in English Language and Literature Studies. I've had experience working with people ranging from Grade 1 to Iate adulthood. I am very adaptable with those I support. I am passionate about helping students achieve and believe in the equitable access and opportunity of learning for all and I hope to inspire students to have a lifelong love of learning. 

It is my hope to help my students succeed in their personal and educational endeavours. I know that it is imperative to teach the whole individual, not just the subject, in order for a student to succeed. I know that if the student does not enjoy their educational experience, it becomes more difficult to create meaningful connections and support educational growth. I try to make all of my lessons student centered and enjoyable in order to foster a deeper understanding. ​I teach all of my students with patience, care, understanding and support. I will meet students where they are at and guide them to where they want to be while ensuring they are instilled with the knowledge and confidence to do it on their own. 

In my spare time, I am a big homebody, though I love to spend time outdoors as well. If I am not at home spending time with loved ones or reading, I am hiking or exercising to ensure I keep both my mind and body strong. 



English Tutor Grades 6-12

Hi, I’m Zaleena. I’m an OCT certified Canadian and internationally experienced English and Social Science educator. I work within both public and private school education, and I’ve also been tutoring for over 10 years. My students are a combination of both local and international students, and so far, I have worked with learners of over twenty-five nationalities. I understand well that each learner is different and have their own strengths and goals. Therefore, through my love of teaching and interacting with students, my aim is to always ensure that each student of mine can succeed. I work with students in the areas of English, Literature, Reading, ESL, Social Sciences, and various World Studies courses.

Outside of work, since I live in the Greater Toronto Area, I enjoy taking nature walks, reading new books, visiting various sights and generally enjoy nature. I also have a parrot and I love to engage in singing contests with her! I look forward to meeting you!

Patricia TPT Picture.jpg


French | English Tutor Grades 1-12

Hi! My name is Patricia, and I'm an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in French, English, and Special Education. I am a high school teacher with experience teaching various subjects in Grades 6 to 12. Tutoring encompasses my favourite parts of teaching: one-on-one support, tailored programming to meet students' identities, intersectionalities and interests, and building relationships that motivate students to learn! I believe that all students can learn and success looks different for every student. My goal is to help my students find their success by helping equip them with tools, strategies, and the excitement to demonstrate their learning. When not teaching, one can find me by the lake, on hikes, watching football or trying out the newest restaurants in the city!

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French Tutor Grades 1-12

Bonjour! My name is Smita, I am a native French speaker and an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in French and History. I have experience teaching Core French and French Immersion students. I am a polyglot and teaching French is my passion. As a tutor, I believe that every learner has the potential to succeed. My aim is to help students to achieve their learning goals by designing tailor-made lessons as per their learning styles and needs. Besides teaching, I am a foodie! Being born in a multicultural society, I love to try different types of cuisines and I am keen to discover new cultures. À bientôt!

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Science & Physics Tutor Grades 9-12 | French 1-12

Hello! My name is Amine. I am an Alberta and Saskatchewan certified teacher with qualification in French, Sciences and Maths. My teaching philosophy is very simple - students do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care. I show my students that I care by forming relationships and trying to help them find their dreams and strengths so they can believe in themselves the way I believe in them. Apart from teaching, I used to play Rugby and Soccer, and I am keen to transmit the love of the game to my kids and my students.



Biology Tutor Grades 11-12

Welcome! I’m Brianna and I’m an Alberta Certified Teacher with a focus on Biological Sciences. I’m grateful to have lived in and worked with various Indigenous communities including Dene, Metis, Inuit, and Cree. These experiences have driven me to be very connection-focused as an Educator. I enjoy connecting with the curiosities of my students and connecting our learning to the world around us. My science lessons are influenced by the seasons and changes throughout the year, as well as the priorities and passions of the students that I work with. As a tutor I strive to support my students in taking ownership of their learning through goal setting and exploring various study strategies together. I enjoy crafting, gardening, fishing, and learning new things!

Alex Chau PhysicsMath Tutor.jpg


Physics Tutor Grades 11-12 | Math 1-12

Hi, my name is Alexander but you can call me Alex. I am an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in mathematics, science, and physics. My goal as a teacher is to develop life-long learners through the acquisition of transferable skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving to ensure their future success. As changing career trends occur life-long learners are able to adapt by leveraging transferable skills to apply them within new settings for future success. As a teacher I also believe in taking a student-centered and collaborative approach which comes out in my teaching as a series of questions to activate student learning. This realizes my goal as students activate life-long learning skills which allows them to learn concepts more deeply as they actively learn.

When I am not teaching, I frequently enjoy watching math videos that explain concepts visually or through an alternative viewpoint. I also enjoy playing video games and learning how they are developed!

Lynda Svergun.jpg


Math & Science Tutor Grades 9-10 | Physics 11-12

After graduating high school with a gold medal, I studied Physics at the Odesa State University in Ukraine, and in 1990 was awarded M.Sc. Degree in Physics and Mathematics. I taught high school students in the Ukraine and I found it to be extremely rewarding so I decided to pursue my OCT so I could continue teaching when I immigrated to Canada. In 2001, I obtained my OCT teaching qualification and since then have taught Math, Physics, and Science in secondary schools. I believe that every student, with help and guidance, has the potential to succeed. I explain concepts in a way that makes them simple for students to understand. I am patient and will answer all questions thoroughly. Outside of teaching, I love to cook/bake, take walks, and spend time with my family. I am flexible and able to adapt to many different learning styles. I always look forward to working with students to help them achieve their academic goals!

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