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The main reason students fall behind in school (1/29/2022)

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Lack of 1-on-1 time with their teacher

Back when I was in high school my classmate was struggling with a Math problem. I had already done the question so I sat down with her at lunch to explain it. After only 5 minutes, she figured it out and thought “Wow, this isn’t as hard as I thought.” I asked why she hadn't gone to our teacher for help and she explained that she wanted to but there were just too many others asking questions so they ran out of time.

With large classes, even the best teachers can’t come up with a lesson plan that caters to the needs of each individual student. At best we have a few brief minutes to answer a handful of questions and as a result many questions go unanswered. My friend was lucky that I was there to help her but not everyone has that same support. What she needed, like many others who have struggled in a group learning environment, was dedicated 1-on-1 tutoring that focused on her individual learning needs. She is the reason why I ultimately decided to become both a teacher and a tutor.

At Turtle Power Tutoring our goal is to fill those gaps that teachers simply don’t have the time to fill during the regular school day and provide your child with the support they need to enjoy and be successful in their learning. We offer 1-on-1 online tutoring from certified and experienced teachers who will ensure that your child’s specific needs are met. Contact us today to find out how we can support your child on their learning journey.

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